A Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) or Airworthiness Management Company manages and checks the airworthiness of the aircraft.

This is achieved by, among other things:

     to create a maintenance program;
     to ensure that the maintenance at the right time is done properly;
     to manage the approval of modification and repairs;
     to ensure that all applicable airworthiness directives (ADs) are applied;
     to ensure that all defects discovered during scheduled maintenance or operation are reported and followed up;
     the data of the continuing airworthiness records and / or technical log are managed and archived;
     to ensure that the mass and balance report (Mass and Balance) displays the current status of the aircraft.

There are Stringent requirements with respect to CAMO organization:

     the quality,
     the quality (and their effects),
     the organization,
     the staff,
     the means of production and housing,
     quality control,
     quality assurance,
     the administration

The requirements that a CAMO must meet are described in European legislation EC2042/2003, and more precisely in Annex I (PART M) hereto. These regulations can be found on the EASA website.

In Part M, Subpart B 'Responsibilities' is to find which cases required a CAMO use should be made. In

Air Waterland CAMO performs this function with its partners.

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